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  • What's the Problem? Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Brokers (Pro), Principals (GP) & Investors (LP) are oversubscribed to analytic portals, the last thing they need is another subscription. They need to focus on project metrics that matter, augment their effort with static (structured) & dynamic (un-structured) data to win the project.

  • What's the Plan? Acquisition Criteria is a buy signal & it is monetizable by way of acquisition, disposition, finance, refinance & equity investment. intends to be the gateway to such criteria, connecting the CRE players in its marketplace by leveraging a positive feedback loop to facilitate the transaction to get a share of project.

  • What's the Market? CRE is a US$33.3T market. The US real estate industry alone includes ~351K companies with combined annual revenue of about $469B. The US CRE brokerage industry includes about 120K establishments (CBRE etc.) with combined annual revenue of about $112B.

  • What's the Model? A sweet spot for to add value, is to partner with GPs to target the right LP for their projects (Co-GP). This process creates a positive feedback loop where platform can offer suitable LP / Lender for future projects, give direction to GP activities by predictive analytics & have a thesis driven initiative.

  • What's the Tech? To employ NLP, ML & AI + a supportive data / real estate team. Real Estate is a relationship business, and it is anticipated that a specific tech team with knowledge of real estate is needed to transfer current static underwriting models to a live intelligent underwriting model online to do real time analysis + monitoring.

  • What's the Task? To methodically test the concept of monetizing acquisition criteria as a buy signal creating a feedback loop. This is key, it’s the supportive ecosystem of GP + equity/debt providers that make the deal happen. Given inside track to GP/LP criteria, is positioned to add value. 

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