Lotfi's absolute performance-oriented investment philosophy is based on research, experience & local knowledge. This approach results in focused investment strategies that concentrate on specific Mixed-Use types, targeted markets & appropriate life cycle stage. By focusing on the forces that we believe create value, we identify properties that we believe are poised to rebound from excess supply shocks or short-term downturns in demand. Understanding the ebb & flow of regional or local economies helps us in our decision to enter & leave geographic markets. The real estate experience of our team & its understanding of the capital markets & space markets assists us in determining what we believe to be the optimal life cycle stage at which to execute a property & geography strategy. 
Lifecycle strategies include acquiring core plus assets in markets with indicators that the markets are poised to rebound. This is intended to capture the reward of an improving local market with minimal leasing risk. The second strategy is acquiring value-add mismanaged assets. This allows us to use our experience in development & redevelopment to seek to create value in markets where both capital participants & space users are in balance. The third strategy is to look at development, which seeks to take advantage of space markets that are in balance when capital markets have driven the price of assets above replacement cost.